Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hi my name is wendy just in case you did not notice i am a florist by trade my main business is wedding flowers and i do lots of stunning designs, (see my website at http://www.oasisflowerdesign.co.uk/) and help alot of brides every year achieve beautiful results for there weddings the most important day in a girls life.

This being said get married is not cheap, hell it is actually one of the most expensive things you will do in your life! and sometimes the rising costs are just too much for everyones budget. While i would always advise any bride to pay someone to do there flowers if they can afford to, simply because of the skill and more over the time invloved. I no myself from experience as i did my own wedding flowers, being a florist i could not trust anyone to achieve the results i knew i could achieve myself, and more over felt strange to pay someone to do something i could do myself at a vastly reduced cost!

However how i looked on the day and my stress levels on the day became secondary importance, my nails for a start, when you do flowers you do not tend to have great nails, just look at a florists nails next time you pop into a flower shop! and there was no leisurely lie in or champayne breakfast for me i was up and making flowers displaying everything etc....

So again if at all possible and your budget allows it pay someone to create those stunning blooms that transform your day, and leave you relaxed and ready to enjoy your day.

However if this is simply not possible and your budget just quite simply will not stretch, creating your own flowers is an option. It is all about doing simple but stunning displays, which are more about knowledge (that i can give you) rather than skill, it is also about picking the correct flowers that will last and knowing how to condition them so that they last as long as possible enabling you to produce the flowers in advance and not the day before or even worse the morning of your wedding. There are two ebooks that i think would be of interest to you which give you lots of ideas and step by step instructions on how to create the flowers for your day, just click on the links below, if you have problems clicking just copy and paste onto your address line



on top of which i will be updating my blog with different simple ideas that you can also follow.

good luck and i hope the info here will help. Should you need any further help send me an email you will find a link on my website, where ever possible i will try to help and talk you through any ideas or problems thanks wendy, p.s. let me know what you think as well thanks w

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