Monday, 10 August 2009

what dog can i have? i have asthma

Which dog can I have? I have asthma!

I have been wanting a dog for over two years but unfortunately my husband suffers with asthma badly, and can tell if an animal has lived in a house as soon as he enters even if they are no longer there!!

So, after a lot of research into dogs I have found one that will not affect his asthma. Meet sherbet our 15 week old puppy, he is a Bishon Frise and they have very tight curls so that their hair does not shed. The hair only comes out when you brush it. This in effect is what reduces the asthma or allergies.

Allergies actually comes from the pet dander which is actually the skin, and where we get the name dandruff from, all pets have it obviously and when hair comes out it will have a bit of dander or skin on it, which is what causes the allergies.

By having to take the hair out yourself you are obviously eliminating the ability for the dander to get everywhere carpets cushions furniture clothes etc…. and we are all well aware of how difficult hair can be to remove from furnishings so it stays there causing a reaction for the asthma or allergy suffer, every time they go near it. The only way to take away the reaction is to get rid of the dander or neutralise it somehow.

And the big question has it worked? Well yes is the answer it has, at first he was still getting some problem and could feel him asthma flaring up but sometimes I feel that this can be brought on by the thought of an animal rather than the animal its self. I also as a precaution bath Sherbet every couple of weeks and have bought a product called pet cleanse which goes on each week very easy to use and this neutralises the dander. I have had no problems at all since and having got him at 8 weeks we are 7 weeks on and have the beginnings of a happy family.

The last note that I would like to add is the importance of training your puppy, as although asthma and allergies are predominantly brought on by dander they can also be brought on by saliva and urine, by training your dog properly to wee outside and to not jump up etc…. you can eliminate any further problems, this for us is on going at the moment but we did get this online book which has helped us immensely, as I had no idea of how to train a dog. It teaches you very quickly how they do not know what you are saying but will read your body language and it is amazing how we can be saying one thing and our body language is telling something altogether different!!
Well see for yourself click on the link below and see what you think, hope you found this interesting w

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